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Have your digital and sustainable fashion coach accompany you in your project and join a network of over 300 fashion entrepreneurs.

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Create your success story today

Step 1: Grow my business from €0 to €400k/year

💻 E-learning + 12 months coaching

Training and coaching for professionals and project owners at the stage of product creation or brands at the stage of finalized products and who have sold to their first customers (circle of friends, crowdfunding, events, website). This program will help :
- Entrepreneur to propel their online sales in 3 to 6 months and recruit their Digital Brand Manager trained in the method.
- Professionals to learn how to manage digital brands in 12 months and get certified.

To be accompanied in your project

+ the community of entrepreneurs and professionals
+ 2 collaborative calls / week
+ personal coaching
+ access to the member base
+ synergies and partnerships
+ individual mentoring on objectives - 3 times / year

10k - 30k
of turnover

What our brands generate on average per month that participate in coaching and follow our advice.

150-400k turnover

You will generate from the first year in our programme, if you apply the method to the letter.

30 to 80 orders

A brand owner will generate during his pre-sales campaign without a site before launching.

3 to 6 months

Within 6 months our brands are profitable and developing a stable business.

Manage your growth

Step 2: Grow your brand to €1m / year

A 1 year support

Support for brands in the growth stage that generate 100 orders or €30,000+ in revenue per month. This program will propel your revenue to €1M annually and structure your business to pitch to investors.

Achieve your sales goals

+ strong community of brands
+ 1 Q&A call / week
+ personal coaching
+ 3 live events / year
+ quarterly review of objectives and personal action plan


October 11-12

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1 or 2 team members

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Up to 3 team members

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What our customers say...

In May I achieved in 1 month what I did in 1 year before. It's a bit crazy, but above all the joy of knowing that the efforts made over the last 3 years are finally paying off!

Pauline Saint Martin

Online sales have increased significantly and in record time, brand awareness has been boosted.

Laura Freeland

I made about 30,000 euros in turnover in 15 days, 146 orders in 2 weeks...and I'm starting to think that it's possible to sell on the Internet.

Katia Sanchez