Goal: go from 0 to 30k/month on the Internet

If your dream is to make a living from your brand, this program is designed for you. With over 250 brands in fashion, cosmetics, home decor and many other creative fields. We help you create the visibility your brand needs to develop your online sales.

Meet your future coaches

Inga Grinko

In 2018, she started as a consultant and coach for creative brands in the digital space. She founded IAMFASHION in 2020 and since then, she has coached over 240 brands in their digital growth. Technology is her second passion, her first is fashion. Her mission is to help fashion and lifestyle entrepreneurs grow their brands online.

Marina Landina

After 13 years of experience in the fashion industry, she has become an expert in this field. She has helped many brand designers optimize the entire life cycle of their products. Her mission is to help them reconcile sustainability and profitability.

📚 Who this program is for

  • You are a designer of a fashion and lifestyle brand
  • You need help to develop your online brand
  • A clear roadmap and a solid strategy is what you are looking for
  • Joining a private group that brings together like-minded business founders is of great interest to you

🎯 What you'll get

  • 12 months of personalized support and a weekly coaching call to exchange ideas together
  • Mastering digital marketing and branding on the Internet
  • Make a living from your business and stabilize your online sales
  • Build a Love Brand, alongside expert coaches in fashion, digital and sustainable development
  • Learn how to optimize cash flow with our stockless sales formula
  • Join a private group of brand designers from around the world and learn from their best practices and hacks that are shared daily

Our members speak better than we do

In May, I generated more income than I did in an entire year before. It's kind of crazy! I'm so happy that all the hard work I've been doing for the past 3 years is finally paying off!

Pauline Saint Martin


My online sales have increased dramatically in record time, brand awareness has been boosted and I am delighted.

Laura Freeland


I generated more than 30K in sales in 15 days, 146 orders in 2 weeks...and I just want to say that it is possible to sell on the Internet

Katia Sanchez


I rethought the vision and mission of my brand. My goal was to deliver the right message to the right customers. And it worked! Soon after I started my Facebook ads, I increased my revenue by 5 times.

Margaux Gripon


The program has made me really grow as a business owner. You feel stronger and better equipped as a business. It's not just a digital program, it's much more than that!

Morgane Cabaret


I sold almost all my stock in one month. I generated in one month what I did in a year in terms of income! Not only did I successfully transform my business, but I also changed my life. I have become independent in the way I run my business and have found support from the community.

Emmanuelle Barre


250+ brands and successes are
at the heart of our program

Content of the Modules

Week 1. Getting ready
Week 2: Finding your ideal client
Week 3: Preparing your sales machine
Week 4. Develop organic traffic
Week 5. upfront and backfront offers
Week 6: Growing with Facebook Ads